Friday, October 5, 2007

7 - o' Clock News

Sitting in the drawing room of my house is a nice thing to happen. I am closed from the world outside. Does not have to look at those un-pleasant faces outside. Relaxing on the Lazyboy is much more comfortable than walking on the streets of Yangon.

As I get into that relaxing slumber I surf thru the TV. The 7-o’Clock news is just starting. The Army in Myanmar is shooting at the peaceful monks. How horrible.

“can I have a glass of water?” – it is difficult to get up from the relaxed position. I am sure you understand.

How can somebody be so cruel to a fellow being? I turn lazily on the chair. I should protest.

There is a shoot-out in Kashmir. 2 army majors were shot dead. Why is no body responding? How can the government let this happen? No one is keen to take responsibility. What a shame. I should protest.

“Don’t have anything to munch?” - My wife gives me a dirty look. Can’t she see I am doing something important here?

I dose of to sleep. Relaxed and peaceful. The news continues.

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Lambodar said...

You sure have a class... 3rd class!