Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another granma story

The Monkey & The Elephant

Sitting on the tree top, the monkey saw the herd of elephants having a leisurely lunch. The breeze and the heights made the monkey sleepy. As he drifted of to sleep he had a nice dream.

He was sitting on the top of an elephant and asking the herd to attack a pack of wild dogs. The elephants did what they were asked to do. He became quite happy and awarded them handsomely with nice juicy sugarcane (his mouth watered at the thought of the sugarcane piece he had today morning). He was getting thanked by the elephants for the sugarcane, when the dream broke. He opened the eyes and looked around, and saw the tree being pulled by a couple of elephants.

The outraged monkey came down and stood in front of the leader elephant. He said “hey, you there, how can you disturb my sleep when I am the one who gave you sugar cane?” The elephant was shocked. He blurted “What? oh. How? Wow!”

The leader bowed, and all the other elephants did the same. The monkey now quite pleased declared “Hmm. Good. Believe in me and serve me. I”ll reward you handsomely”

On the way back to their home, a baby elephant asked its mother “so, are you saying this was the great saint that made the human vehicle with sugar cane topple yesterday? Wow!”

Moral of the story: “Even a monkey can become a godman, if he has nice imagination

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